Corne and Twakkie are coming to Joburg

Corne and Twakkie are coming to Joburg

                             Posted: Nov 16 2017

The kings of Zef are back! That’s right, the legendary Corné and Twakkie are headed to Joburg for a once-off show at the Wits Theatre this December and they couldn’t be more excited.

The duo, best known for their zef-brand comedy and ‘not kak-ness’, have taken a break from their temporary retirement and are leaving the Bronkhorstspruit Caravan Park to take to the stage again.

Ahead of their show, we caught up with the duo to find out what they’ve been up to and what fans can expect from their return.

Hey guys, it’s been a while. What prompted your return to the stage?

CORNE: Well, it's been a while since you changed your underpant, but you don't hear me complaining, do you? But to answer your question: Money. We need money or otherwise we will die. 

TWAKKIE: I will die anyways, because of the fungus. But my doctor says it will still take a while still. I'm just making the most of my days and spending as much time as I can with the pigs. Fun fact about pigs, they don't have a concept of time but they can seen more colours than a humanal being!

What have you been up to while you were away?

CORNE: Spending money and traveling. I have been to Portugal, Ooksbhekistan, Alabama, Germany, Paris, France and Europe. And Meyerton. You don't get life experience from staring at your Nokia all day and those bus tickets don't pay from themselves. Except if you are on acid. But then again that bus didn't really exists.

TWAKKIE: As I said, a lot of time with my pigs. To tell you the truth I've been developing a new kind of pig which can live totally without food. Most of them are dead so far infortunately.

Tell us a bit about the upcoming show.

CORNE: Uh, no? Do you think I'm stupid? Huh? Do you want me to travel through my computer and moer you? Did you really think I was going to give it all up to you just like that? Buy a flippen ticket like everyone else guy! Seriously, all you bladdy agents are the same.

TWAKKIE: Well, it's pretty amazing. But no fireworks this time - that lawsuit allmost killed us. But you know, it wasn't even about the money. It's pretty flippen hard to get the picture of a old lady's hair on fire running through a drive-in movie theatre in Vereeniging screaming about Jesus out of your brain, no matter how many brandy's you drink. No fireworks guy, that way lies only pain.

What do you love/hate about Joburg?

CORNE: What I hate about Jo'burg is everything. What I love is the money. (Actually I really love the people also but my answer sounded so cool and gansta that I just had to say that.)

TWAKKIE: I love all those shiny lights that you can see when you climb up the Hillbrow tower at night when you are running away from the police because by mistake some of your pigs jumped off the back of your bakkie in the middle of Jan Smuts on a Friday afternoon and you are a fugitive from the polices.

Besides a caravan, what would your dream home be and why? 

CORNE: My dream home would be Nataly Portman's house. Because then we would be married and then we could play Scrabble together a lot and maybe sometimes go for a walk to the park in America and feed the gooses together.

TWAKKIE: A house can never be a dream, but a wish can always be a home. Think about it....
CORNE: Come to the show. Buy a ticket. We know where you live...

Corne and Twakkie will be at the Wits Theatre this Friday 8 December. Get your tickets via webtickets…or else. 

The two are leaving their caravan for a once-off show. Believe it.



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